Teaching Materials

These materials are provided to Yorkhill patients and are made available here for wider personal use. If you wish to use our materials in a service setting then please acknowledge appropriately and note that we accept no liability arising from this.
Patients in Clyde may also receive and use these materials but they may be supplemented by leaflets given to them directly. We have been prevented (by the Scottish Nutrition and Diet Resources Initiative) from providing the dietetic leaflets used in Clyde via the website.

These documents are in Acrobat pdf format and you will need Acrobat Reader to use them. get acrobat reader

Patient-held Record Book - REVISED

A short textbook about all aspects of caring for diabetes which includes detailed instruction on how to keep good blood glucose records and to interpret them.

The Document has been saved here with live-links i.e. where you see a small rectangle - on the section headings or in the Table of Contents, clicking will take you directly to the appropriate page.

pdf file
Blood glucose book - 2016 This is the new standard for record keeping - file designed for double sided printing and incorporates new blood glucose targets pdf file
Pages from Blood Glucose record book Spare pages for blood glucose record book pdf file
Clinic notes pages
Spare pages for noting what was discussed in clinic. pdf file
Food for Life - REVISED 2016
A comprehensive guide to the impact of diet upon diabetes with solid practical advice about common problems
10g Portions Foods containing 10g of Carbohydrate (this replaces the equivalent section in your old book) pdf file
Hypos are among the most worrying aspects of dealing with diabetes. This extract from the Patient-held Record explains what to do.
Insulin Adjustment
The mark of true understanding of diabetes is being able to adjust insulin safely and with confidence This is an extract from the Patient-held Record
Detailed insulin adjustment - NEW When you are ready to take your understanding to the next level pdf file
Insulin error
Everyone will, at some point, give the wrong dose of the wrong type of insulin - here's how to deal with the problem. This is an extract from the Patient-held Record
Sick Day Management
Children with diabetes get no more coughs, colds and tummy bugs than other children but knowing how to manage them can make the difference between minor inconvenience and a life threatening bout of keto-acidosis. This is a combined extract from the Patient-held Record and Food for Life
Whether it's a car journey or an intercontinental air trip, you should be prepared and know how to manage insulin and food before you go. This is a combined extract from the Patient-held Record and Food for Life
Advice for Teachers
School and nursery teachers often have previous experience of caring for a child with diabetes but this leaflet helps to reinforce the main points they need to know.
Adolescent Leaflets
Individual leaflets on a range of topics including smoking, drugs and alcohol which explain these things in the context of diabetes - these leaflets were prepared in the 1990s but the messages have not changed. go to page
Child & Adolescent Podcasts

We are very grateful to Dr Vipan Datta, Consultant Paediatrician at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for his permission to link to these podcasts.

These excellent mp3 files can be downloaded and played on your iPod or MP3 player.

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PUMP FAQ Frequently asked questions about pump therapy view
CGMS FAQ Frequently asked questions about Continuous Glucose Monitoring view
Video Guides
Blood Glucose Testing view video
  Carbohydrate Counting - 10g Portions view video
  Food Labels view video
  Libre Educational PowerPoint Presentation view video
  Libre in Schools view video
Videos for Schools Video guides on managing food, testing and administration of insulin go to page