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Dr Amalia Mayo, Consultant Paediatrician. Based at RACH. Also covers the clinics at Fraserburgh, Orkney, Shetland and the Young Persons' Clinic at Woolmanhill.
Dr Wheldon Houlsby, Consultant Paediatrician. Based at RACH.
Dr Hilary Pearce, Specialist Registrar.
Dr Angela Sun, Specialist Registrar.

Dr Van Ijperen, Consultant Paediatrian , based at Dr Gray’s Hospital, Elgin. Dr Van Ijperen joins us on Fridays for clinic 2-3 weeks every month. You can visit his website at

Dr Shirley Copland, Associate Specialist, based at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Dr Copland also joins us at some Friday clinics. She also attends the Young Persons' Clinic.

The medical team can be contacted through the secretary, (Mrs Linda Todd) on 01224 550125

Isla Fairley, Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse based at RACH.

Edna Stewart, Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse based at RACH.

Sheena Duffus, Diabetes Specialist Nurse based at Fraserburgh Hospital.

Alison Wilson, Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse based at Dr Gray's Hospital, Elgin.

Caroline Page, Diabetes Specialist Nurse covering Orkney.

Kirstie Anderson, Community Children's Nurse covering Shetland.

The Nurses Role
 The nurses role is to help support, advise and educate children, families, carers, schools and nurseries on the care of children with diabetes. Part of this role also involves training of hospital and community based health care professionals.
The nurses are present at Friday outpatient clinic and peripheral clinics held in Fraserburgh, Orkney and Shetland.

Isla and Edna also run a nurse led clinic and nurse led education clinic once a month at the Children’s Hospital.
Elsie Carnegie is a senior paediatric dietitian, and is based at the Children’s Hospital.

Elsie is present at Friday morning clinic and for dietetic advice to newly diagnosed children and their families on the ward. She can also be contacted for advice by telephone.Part of Elsie’s responsibility, along with the Diabetes Nurses, is to lead the carbohydrate counting for those children on multi-injection regimens and insulin pumps
Dr Andy Keen, based at RACH. Andy is available one Friday of the month for initial appointments, then by arrangement with his secretary. Following discussion with the child, family and consultant, Edna or Isla can then book the initial appointment.
A social worker is based in the Children’s Hospital. They are available for direct work with children and families and to offer advice and guidance on other agencies as appropriate.