Result of National Meeting January 2016

You are aware that blood glucose control in children with diabetes in Scotland is generally poor. We are trying very hard to improve this situation and there is a lot of evidence that the targets that we set have a big impact upon outcomes. Therefore, clinical teams - adult and children's - from across Scotland met recently and agreed the important targets. We have modified them very slightly for practical reasons.

Optimal HbA1c Less than 48 mmol/mol
100% of patients HbA1c Less than 58 mmol/mol
Blood glucose before meals, including breakfast 3.9-6.9 mmol/L
Blood glucose after meals +/- 2 mmol/L of pre-meal provided NOT hypo
Blood glucose before bed 3.9-6.9 mmol/L
7 day average blood glucose Less than 8 mmol/L
Blood glucose before high risk activity e.g. cycling or swimming 5-7 mmol/L


We also agreed that post-meal testing should be at 2hours (we previously recommended 90 mins but have changed to ensure consistent advice across the country).

Insulin should normally be given 10-15 mins before meals and should only be given after meals in exceptional circumstances which will be discussed with you.