New Children's Hospital and the GGC Children's Diabetes Service

Questions and Answers


The statement of ambition mentions an up to 25 years old Transition coverage. But what is happening now? My DD is 15 and is going into the transition period. What/where/how is this gong to be delivered in the meantime?

In Yorkhill, we have already begun holding adult/paediatric joint clinics and patients from 15yrs are being seen at these on Monday afternoons. The current intention is to adopt the same strategy as is applied in Paisley and Inverclyde with transfer to adult care at the point of leaving school/starting work. It is likely, however, that this will evolve into the extended service.

With the clinics staying where they are does that mean the teams will stay where they are?? (eg our team is the Paisley team will I still be able to phone them there when I need to? And also we were told we have access to ward 15 there 24 hrs as long it's as it's affecting her diabetes will that still be the same?

There are no plans to change the way Paisley and Inverclyde operate just now. Whatever happens, we will still be running clinics there.

GREAT NEWS but can only imagine this news will be a new logistical nuisance for the nursing staff and consultants that will now have to travel between Ward 6b and the New hospital

There is an element of nuisance but this simply requires some organisation and actually will help us to clarify the two elements better.

I attend Gastro and Diabetes clinic and usually do both appointments on one day I'm sure it will be better in the long run but for the short term will mean more time off school and work if these are in separate hospitals.

I appreciate that a few families will have this problem but the hospitals are literally 10 minutes apart so disruption should be minimal. We are in no doubt, though, that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.