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Many of you will have read that the Freestyle Libre is 'on tariff'. This means that it is possible for it to be prescribed in the NHS. However, this is not the same as 'everyone will get a Libre'. The Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board has just agreed that the Libre will be made available to around a third of Type 1 patients in Glasgow and Clyde (will ONLY apply if you have GGC GP).

If we believe you are eligible, you will receive a letter in the next week indicating what to do next.

The full criteria will be:

If funding is approved but the criteria are not fulfilled, then it will be withdrawn.

If your GP is in Lanarkshire or Highland Health Board jurisdiction Libre is not available and you might consider writing to your Board Chief Executive and MSP

PLEASE NOTE: If you are setting up a Libre Academy account, you must select "Freestyle Libre" from the dropdown box. You DO NOT need to enter a serial number.

We have received certificates without any indication of the name of the person with diabetes - please include this information in your e-mail.

There has been a lot of publicity around an Edinburgh study measuring something called c-peptide in patients with type 1 diabetes. This can be used to detect if patients can still make their own insulin and so might be considered for further e.g. genetic testing. While this is a very interesting study, the results and implications have to be considered carefully before the test is applied across the whole type 1 population. In Glasgow we will keep a close eye on this situation. Be assured, however, that we already perform genetic testing in patients whom we consider not to have type 1 diabetes.

The closure of the children's ward, from 9 February 2018, meant that the medical staff moved to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Therefore, if you would normally telephone Paisley switchboard for urgent medical advice, you should now telephone RHC switchboard on 0141 201 0000.

This DOES NOT mean any change to routine telephone contact with the Diabetes Service as the current numbers route calls to the team in working hours.

Be aware that, as a result of the plans for a 'sugar-tax', many products are being produced with less sugar. While this is a good thing, there are big implications for the treatment of hypoglycaemia.

Details here

Please help us to reduce non-attendance rates. Our clinics are struggling to cope with the DNA (Did Not Attend) rate which continues to run at around 20%. The problem is re-appointing for missed attendances as well as wasting clinical time.
It is estimated that the cost of a missed slot in an outpatient clinic is approximately £400 but the missed opportunity is worse as staff are hanging about waiting. We are aware that the hospital appointments system is frequently to blame but there is also a tendency not to inform us if you know that you cannot attend. PLEASE call as soon as you are aware that you will be unable to come and we can offer the slot to someone else. It's your service - help us to make it efficient.

We believe that our new targets are helping and the latest national figures show continuing improvement in GGC patients' glycaemic control. Of course it could always be better and Scotland still lags behind many countries, including England.

You can learn more about the new targets here.

Graphs showing all the latest results (updated quarterly) are displayed in the clinic waiting room.

Outpatient and Teaching Services remain at Yorkhill while inpatient services are managed by the same team but in the New Children's Hospital. The team delivers clinics in Glasgow, Paisley, Greenock, Oban and Stornoway.

We hope that you enjoy the website. Please send any comments to Dr Kenneth Robertson


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