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A Leaving Message from Dr Robertson

As you possibly know, after many years of leading the service, Dr Kenneth Robertson held his last diabetes clinic on Thursday 27th September.  He has now retired and looks forward to many years of tending his garden and embroidery (if you believe that you don't know Dr Robertson!).  Anyway, he has asked me to pass this message on to everyone:

To all patients and families

A huge thank you to everyone who has given me such support during the last few weeks of my time with the Diabetes Service. 

The one-to-many relationship that I’ve had with you over the years means that it often was impersonal but the messages I’ve received have made it clear that you value the work of the team. I know I’ve made many of you cry - well you’ve got your own back. 

Part of my role was to offer leadership and to absorb criticism as nothing is perfect. However, if anyone wants to study a ‘health model’ that works, they would do well to look at the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Child and Adolescent Diabetes Service. 

Anything we have achieved, we have achieved together. Diabetes is a tough burden but all of your daily efforts galvanise your professionals to strive to provide ever better tools and support. 

Although there remains much uncertainty over the details of future provision in Glasgow, you will continue to receive unstinting support from a huge team of people whom I have been proud and priveleged to call colleagues and friends. 

With my very best wishes for all your futures

Kenneth Robertson.

We have a new App which we encourage you to download

Go to Google Play or Apple App Store and search for "Piota - Deeper Engagement". Download then open and search for 'GGC' You will be presented with only one option for the diabetes service.

Select this then your App will be ready. Start with 'Information/Using the App'

We have prepared a series of videos designed to give more information to schools about the practical management of diabetes. You will find them in the Teaching Section.

Well over 200 patients have now completed the training process and are using Freestyle Libre to improve their diabetes through better understanding.

The full criteria are:

If funding is approved but the criteria are not fulfilled, then it will be withdrawn.

If your GP is in Lanarkshire or Highland Health Board jurisdiction Libre is not yet available and you might consider writing to your Board Chief Executive and MSP but if you complete Libre Academy and send us your certificate, we will write to your GP recommending that you should have sensors prescribed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are setting up a Libre Academy account, you must select "Freestyle Libre" from the dropdown box. You DO NOT need to enter a serial number.

We have received certificates without any indication of the name of the person with diabetes - please include this information in your e-mail.

PowerPoint Presentation on the use of Libre - adjunct to Libre Academy Training and highly recommended
Click here to see the presentation.

There has been a lot of publicity around an Edinburgh study measuring something called c-peptide in patients with type 1 diabetes. This can be used to detect if patients can still make their own insulin and so might be considered for further e.g. genetic testing. While this is a very interesting study, the results and implications have to be considered carefully before the test is applied across the whole type 1 population. In Glasgow we will keep a close eye on this situation. Be assured, however, that we already perform genetic testing in patients whom we consider not to have type 1 diabetes.

Follow a checklist to help you pack the items you need for your break. Think about holiday insurance, time zones, flight times and insulin adjustment. If you think you will need specific advice then remember to call the team at least a week before you go.

We hope that you enjoy the website. Please send any comments to Dr Kenneth Robertson


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